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  • Conjuror’s Choice by Wayne Dobson


    “An unbelievable game of chance”

    Conjuror’s Choice is a magic effect like no other.  Cleverly disused as a “game” of chance that your spectator will love to play!

    The performer introduces 9 postcards of historical magicians.  He lays them out of a table he also hands a small booklet, explaining that it contains the instructions on how to play the game.

  • Fifty Fifty by Wayne Dobson


    Fifty Fifty is a killer two coin routine.  A coin purse is given to the spectator with two coins in it.  An old english penny and a half dollar.

    The performer has a prediction on a business card this can be left on the table, sticking out of the performer’s pocket etc. but no peeking as that’s for later.

    The spectator is asked to keep any coin in their closed hand and place the other in the purse.  The performer’s back is turned while the spectator makes their choice.

  • The Black Box by Wayne Dobson


    Switching a deck has never been so easy!  Made from high quality plastic by Alan Wong. This box looks like the type of box you would keep a couple of decks of cards in.

    The Black Box comes with three killer routines from Wayne however this utility will allow you to perform killer card magic.

    The best switch never seen!

  • Startling 2.0


    Do you want to see something Startling?

    You show the word Startling using scrabble like tiles.  A card is chosen from a regular deck of cards and you then proceed to explain that the word Startling is the only word in the english language where you can remove one letter at a time and make a new word.

    You proceed to to demonstrate your claim by discarding one tile at a time.

  • Split Personality


    The premise is easy…

    The magician displays two sets of cards and a prediction.  One pile is of last names of famous people and the other pile is of first names.

    The magician shows some of the cards and from the first or last name the spectator guesses the celebrity.

  • Best Friends by Wayne Dobson (UK Version)


    Best Friends – Tossing coins has never been this much fun!

    If you own the acclaimed DVD “Look No Hands” from RSVP Magic, you already know the plot.

    This is a great impromptu walk-around trick that looks and feels completely organic.

  • ONE by Wayne Dobson


    ONE by Wayne Dobson


    • ONE deck !
    • ONE prediciton !
    • ONE outcome !
  • Wayne Dobson 101 by Wayne Dobson


    This book is packed with 101 effects from the fertile mind of Wayne Dobson, plus updates on previous effects and some new effects never published until now.

    Comes in the form of a hardback a4 size, 200 page book for easy reference and cloth bound, this book is for the magician who was unable to get hold of Wayne’s previous book “The Definitive Collection”     (which has now SOLD OUT)

  • EyePad Mini

    After it’s phenomenal success, most who bought EyePad asked Wayne and Mike if there would be a close-up version.  Well “Dobbo has done it again”
    Introducing: EyePad Mini!
    You ask a spectator to just think of any playing card.  You explain, to find out what the card they are thinking of is, you need to use your EyePad Mini.
  • This, That & Nothing by Wayne Dobson

    Wayne revisits his take on the modern classic of mentalism, ‘Free Will’.

    It’s a theme Wayne has visited a number of times, but here he adds a funny finishing line to the routine.

    You show three cards, each bearing respectively the words ‘This, That and Nothing‘ on them.

  • Unclamped Live in London by Wayne Dobson


    Join your host Wayne Dobson Live at The Magic Circle, London in this unique DVD presentation. For the first time on video Wayne explains in detail, the secrets behind his favourite routines.

    In between the routines listen to one of magic’s funniest storytellers, as Wayne takes you on a journey through his life in magic and showbusiness… but be prepared as he pulls no punches. This DVD is not for the fainthearted!

  • Mini Smash & Stab (Limited Edition) by Wayne Dobson


    Please Note : DTrik, Wayne Dobson (The Originator), Mike Sullivan and (the manufacturer) cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused whilst using this apparatus.

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