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  • SMS by Wayne Dobson


    SMS is a great little effect you can carry in your pocket.  Based on the best seller ‘Conjuror’s Choice’, Wayne has taken this principle and

    applied it to a close up effect full of laughs and giggles.

    Wayne’s unique sense of humour shines through as the spectator plays a game of “Free Will’, eliminating some of the popular SMS abbreviations as they go.

  • UTD – The Ultimate Tossed Deck by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne Dobson’s UTD is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/mind reader.

    Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘UTD’

  • Flash Clash by Alan Wong with Rick Lax


    Who wants $2,000?

    That’s a stupid question. EVERYONE wants $2,000. And THAT’s what makes FLASH CASH such a POWERFUL illusion. IT DOESN’T JUST AMAZE PEOPLE; IT MAKES ‘EM JEALOUS.

    You show the fronts (AND BACKS) of about 20 pieces of blank gray paper—the same color paper that the new U.S. $100 bills are printed on. Then a single $100 bill appears. THEN THE WHOLE STACK OF BLANK PAPER CHANGES TO $100 BILLS—FRONT AND BACK.

  • Invisible Cocktails by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    INVISIBLE COCKTAILS is the sort of item that you can carry with you at all times, so you are always ready to perform a natural- looking, powerful routine after hours with attractive, natural props.

    It uses an ingenious principle that, for whatever reason, has seemingly been overlooked by magicians.

  • Take a Seat by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    ‘Chair Test’ Meets ‘Pseudo Psychometry’

    Wayne turns his attention to the modern classic of stage mentalism, ‘The Chair Test’, with predictably powerful results. For good measure he has provided a close-up version to further extend the practicality of your purchase.


  • Dobbo’s Dollar by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    AT LAST! The King Of Magic gets his own coin! This is a fun item for collectors and performers alike. It’s a dollar-sized coin bearing the profile of one of the UK’s magic stars of the 20th Century – but in true Dobbo style it has built into it 10 (count ’em) magical revelations and sight gags.

  • Write, Not Right by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne has turned his attention to mentalism.  Developing a brilliant yet simple utility device for the working mentalist

    It’s a Sharpie that writes.  Then when the mentalist/magician decides, doesn’t write.


    It’s a Sharpie that doesn’t write.  Then when the mentalist/magician decides, does write.

    You decide!

  • The Lucky Card Deluxe by Wayne Dobson


    Lucky Card is Wayne’s go to signature effect.

    Just imagine the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your “Lucky Card”. The spectator then checks the cards and sees they are throughly mixed. You then ask the spectator to count down to their “Lucky Card”.

    On the turn of the last card, you tell the spectator that this is their “Lucky Card”… You ask them to turn over your “Lucky Card” and they match!

    This is as good as it gets and as had critical acclaim from magicians all over the world!

  • Flash Flush by Mike Sullivan


    Born from an idea while watching Steve Valentine’s Card to Pocket DVD, Mike came up with a super little gimmick that will make any performer look like a card shark!

    A 10 card poker game is suggested, and the performer shuffles and deals 5 cards to the spectator and 5 cards to himself.

    The 5 spectator’s cards are looked at first and it seems like a good hand.  Three 5’s and 2 Aces, a full house.

  • Odds On by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne and DTrik are super excited to be involved in this project by Alan Wong.

    A himber wallet that locks in place allowing the performer to hand it out and have the spectator open it!

  • May the FORCE be with you! by Wayne Dobson


    An beautiful elegant deceptive close up black meshed two way force bag.

    9 x 6 inches, this force bag is ideal for the strolling magician and mentalist.

    Comes complete with Wayne’s updated killer routine, Lucky Dip 2.0,
    Derren Brown’s “top go to effect…”

  • Houdini’s Diary by Wayne Dobson


    Houdini believed there was a correlation between a calendar (diary) and a deck of cards.  This effect uses a standard deck of cards and a diary that does all the work for you.  There is no memory work, no algorithms to remember, nothing.  It’s pretty much a self working trick!

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