Welcome to 3D – Dobson’s Digital Downloads. Here you will find the tricks in digital video format, taken from Wayne’s book 101. This section will get bigger and bigger as Wayne and Mike collate and video effects from the book. Enjoy!

Please note : Some of the 3D download do require extras to perform the effect. This can be from duplicate cards to special decks including ‘one way force decks’ to just double facers. Most magic performers will have these items, but if you don’t, these are readily available from you favourite magic dealer. All items required are clearly explained in the explanations of each trick.

  • Synchronicity by Wayne Dobson


    The magician and performer both chose a card from their deck and these cards are swapped.

    The chosen cards are cut into the deck and spread again.

    When removed, they match.

    However, that’s not all. The magician completes the effect with a killer kicker!

    Check out the trailer.