Other People’s Magic

As recommended by Wayne Dobson

& Mike…..

Here is a selection of magic tricks by other magicians and magic dealers that Wayne and Mike have worked and used on a regular basis.  We always insist on supporting the creator direct, but if, for some reason, they are “out of stock” and we have some, you will find them here!

  • Economicon by Al Smith


    Two spectators are given a book each. They can fully examine them, read some passages if they wish and confirm they appear to be ordinary paperback books. A third spectator is asked to call out any page number (there are 125 pages in each book). The spectators turn to the freely selected page and note the first word.

  • Flash Clash by Alan Wong

    £24.99 £17.99

    Who wants $2,000?

    That’s a stupid question. EVERYONE wants $2,000. And THAT’s what makes FLASH CASH such a POWERFUL illusion. IT DOESN’T JUST AMAZE PEOPLE; IT MAKES ‘EM JEALOUS.

    You show the fronts (AND BACKS) of about 20 pieces of blank gray paper—the same color paper that the new U.S. $100 bills are printed on. Then a single $100 bill appears. THEN THE WHOLE STACK OF BLANK PAPER CHANGES TO $100 BILLS—FRONT AND BACK.