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1st February 2019
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5th February 2019
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Flash Flush by Mike Sullivan


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Flash Flush by Mike Sullivan

Born from an idea while watching Steve Valentine’s Card to Pocket DVD, Mike came up with a super little gimmick that will make any performer look like a card shark!

A 10 card poker game is suggested, and the performer shuffles and deals 5 cards to the spectator and 5 cards to himself.

The 5 spectator’s cards are looked at first and it seems like a good hand.  Three 5’s and 2 Aces, a full house.

The performer then shows his hand.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The performer explains that they are playing a magician and magicians’ cheat.  It’ their job.

The performer tosses the cards on to the table and IN FRONT OF THE SPECTATOR’s EYES, they change to a royal flush!

A video link explains how to make the gimmick allowing the performer to use any make of playing card they wish.

Completes complete with every thing you need to make loads of gimmicks. (You provide your own cards)