conjurors choice

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  • Houdini 1926 by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne revisits one of his best-selling and most talked-about plots: ‘Conjurors Choice’ and lends it a Houdini theme. Mystifying, novel, with Wayne’s charming Harry Houdini storyline. There are no additions, alternate outs, no this or that. Despite the freedom of the choices made by the spectator, they end up with Houdini’s prediction

  • Conjuror’s Choice by Wayne Dobson


    “An unbelievable game of chance”

    Conjuror’s Choice is a magic effect like no other.  Cleverly disused as a “game” of chance that your spectator will love to play!

    The performer introduces 9 postcards of historical magicians.  He lays them out of a table he also hands a small booklet, explaining that it contains the instructions on how to play the game.