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Long-time no speak!

It’s just that life has been getting in the way and the last six months have seen some very strange times for all of us. I am doing the same as I ever did, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel the same, I feel like I am in this little bubble that needs to burst. Some people have been complaining about not being able to go out, being locked into their four walls day after day and only seeing the same two or three people. Welcome to my world!

Just returned from MAGIC Live and what a blast! After a four-hour delay and change of aircraft at Gatwick airport we finally arrived in Las Vegas, however Virgin Airlines had managed to somehow make my wheelchair look like a car crash, but the next day some nice person fixed it for me. Anyway after a good night’s sleep we went to see the Mac King show and Mac never fails to deliver such a great show! On the Saturday night I experienced what was the best magic show I have ever seen! It was the Penn & Teller show – In one word, Brilliant! In two words, Fucking Brilliant! Whenever I go to see a magic show I put my magical knowledge to one side and become a layman, however on this night I had no option! I had no idea what was going on and from the opening effect I was fooled so badly! And then I was fooled again and again and again (did I say again?). I know it’s not everything for magicians to be fooled so badly but it is a really nice feeling being like a kid again – I know Johnny Thompson was responsible for a large percentage of the magic, so I would like to blame him for frying my brain so much! The whole show was so beautifully orchestrated and although both Penn & Teller are very contemporary in their presentation, on occasions I felt the show had a slight Victorian feel about it, especially some of Teller’s excellent vignettes. My office walls are graced with lots of the old Masters of magic and I often wonder who will be gracing our walls in a 100 years time? Pens & Teller have got to be up there!

Magic live kicked off with a great opening night party and a dealer’s exhibition that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Olympia – it was unbelievable. There was even one dealer who was displaying an appearing helicopter. The whole convention was so professionally organised in fact the lecture sessions reminding me of the TED presentations.

I personally would like to thank the following people for making me look good in my presentation: Firstly, there was Jeff McBride, who is one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, he brought out the best (and worst) in me. I felt so at ease whilst he was interviewing me. Then there was Rory Johnson (producer), who runs everything like a well oiled cog (if you can’t work well under his direction you shouldn’t be in the business at all). Then there was my right (and left) hand man Mike Sullivan who worked on my Booth and represented Wayne Dobson so well. Finally, I would like to thank Stan Allen for believing in me!

I would just like to say that whilst at MAGIC Live I received the ultimate compliment? A well-respected Las Vegas performer said to me “I’m sure that you are aware that people admire you for the way you deal with your situation and that the standing ovations that you received were nothing to do with sympathy or the fact that you are in a wheelchair – it was purely because you were Fucking Hilarious!” I have always strived for that sort of accolade and always hoped that is what people think. However when I get comments like that it just confirms it and means such a lot to me – Thanks!


Blackpool convention is not for a way and what a line up of talent they have (again). One of my favourite all-round magicians David Williamson will be there, also I am so looking forward to seeing Sonny Hayes again (it’s been a long time – such a great performer, often copied but never equalled). I’ve got a few new items one being my new book More Look No Hands and we will also have Guesstimation (a killer of a trick – even though I say so myself) My good friend Mike Sullivan will be on my stand demonstrating all the latest (get him to do Greg Wilson’s Party Bag which is in my book Wayne Dobson and Friends. I almost forgot to mention that Losander will be there doing his new levitation which he showed to me on his iPhone about six months ago and believe me it’s nothing short of sensational. There are also some of the FISM winners on as well, WOW what a line up!

See you there!


FISM has been and gone, but not forgotten – it was a great convention and the standard of the competition was outstanding, in fact the winners show was by far the best I have ever seen, it was strong enough to have closed the whole thing! Michael J Fitch and myself gave our lecture ‘ Wayne Dobson a Life in Magic’. Michael has worked so hard on getting all the footage together I am so glad he was justifiably rewarded by the overwhelming response he received by the audience. Originally we only intended giving the lecture for FISM, however we have agreed to give the lecture at The Magic Circle on October 22 and also in the USA next year. I was also awarded the ‘Magician of the Year’I was very flattered! I heard a couple of people moaning just for moaning sake – I don’t think they have anything better to do? I remember a Dutch guy said “it wasn’t like this in Holland.” A Swedish guy said “it wasn’t like this in Sweden” and a Chinese guy said “chu chung chow” (only kidding) – of course it wasn’t like any of those places, it was Blackpool – if you don’t want to go, don’t go! Derek Lever and his team are responsible for organising the world’s biggest and best magic convention every year and this year they were chosen to host FISM so why would they want to change a winning formula? I am glad that they didn’t – it was excellent!

I went to see Derren Brown in his show in London’s West End and what a fantastic show it was! Every time I see his show it gets better and better. I don’t know how he does it?

Next month I am going to Magic in the Rockies, it is only a small affair. However, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality – a great convention!

See you around


FISM is only a matter of days away, Can’t Wait !! …..

It’s going to be one full week of amazing magic. Congratulations to Derek & his team of dedicated organisers for creating what is going to be a very memorable event. Marko Karvo is my tip to win first place, I might be wrong but I hope not as his act is nothing short of sensational, a great Magician! Talking of great magicians Nick Einhorn was here the other day and performed some of his great magic. His magic is so powerful, direct yet understated. His technic is flawless and his handling of everything is full of grace and elegance, infact if there was such a thing as real magic this is what it would look like.

I have some exciting new releases for FISM

SEX (AKA Wayne Dobson’s Exchange) 10 mins of pure gold. This routine has everything drama, mystery, comedy and of course Sex!!

BIG Revelation, as above but without the sex…

Spectrum, as above but only 5 minutes.

My new book ‘Wayne Dobson & Friends’ is like a who’s who of Magic.

See you around


Blackpool has been and gone and as always was a great convention featuring plenty of good shows and lectures. I personally enjoyed performing in my show ‘Wayne Dobson and Penn Friends’ it was so good having my friends performing on the show Joe Pasquale, Michael J Fitch, Russ Stevens, Duncan Trillo, Brian Sefton and John Archer – many thanks to you all for doing such a fantastic job! I also enjoyed performing my new Sex Change routine with Michael J Fitch which is due for release in July. And finally, I was really overwhelmed by what happened next: My good friend Russ Stevens received the ‘Murray Award’ (which was great) however he then dedicated this award to myself which was very nice and very emotional and then I received the Ken Dodd Comedy Award! For the first time in my life I was totally speechless! A great end to a great convention.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hans Klok show in London and if you love magic you will love this show and if you don’t love magic you will after seeing this:

In a word ….. Brilliant! In two words… Fucking brilliant! Stunning illusions, great costumes, lighting, music, guest acts, fast paced and the star of the show Hans Klok is nothing short of excellent. Congratulations to all concerned. To top it all Hans is a really nice guy as well and very passionate about magic.

After the show Hans invited Myself, Michael J Fitch his lovely wife Helen and my friend Hillary O’Neill for drinks around the corner to a really nice bar. All of a sudden there was a round of applause coming from behind me! I looked and it was Michael holding court with his excellent spoon bending…

Michael J Fitch the Metal Bender – “there is no way I am letting him near my wheelchair!”

Hans “Can you produce a Rabbit from a Hat?”
Wayne “No, but I can make my Hare disappear from my head!”

 See you soon


Oops!!! They say. (Whoever they are?) “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” A couple of weeks ago I criticised Barry and Stuart for exposing the Slicer illusion on TV. Well it was brought to my attention that my exposure track record is not 100% either. I remember about 25 years ago I filmed the Cube Zag illusion on location in Athens. And if you looked very closely you could see the assistant’s legs exposed. I could make the excuse that the cameraman went too low with the camera or the monitor was so small that I couldn’t see any discrepancies – I could say those things, but I won’t, because ultimately the blame rests on Me! So how does the defendant plead? Guilty!

Last night saw the final episode of The Magicians on BBC and you know all of the magicians in the show, Barry and Stuart, Pete Firman, and Jason Latimer are all such very good performers in their own right and some of the magic in the show is really excellent (top marks to the advisers) my main gripe is celebrities getting credits for performing the tricks – it just dilutes the credibility of the magician. Don’t get me wrong if a show of this type was offered to me when I was climbing the ladder to success and needed television exposure, I would not have hesitated in saying ‘ Yes!’ In fact I think everybody would? You can’t win?

Finally, let me say a Big Thank You to the thousands of magicians from all over the world who have supported me in the last couple of weeks regarding the controversy that surrounded myself and Jeff McBride. It was a very, very stressful time but it all worked out fine. Just for the record myself and Jeff have always been good friends – and always will be!

Wayne Dobson

Jeff McBride’s new DVD ‘Squeak Technique’ is available from me in Blackpool

Okay, here goes:

Somebody once said to me, “If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all!” Hence the reason I have remained tight lipped regarding the latest series of The Magicians, but after last Saturday’s show and the unforgivable exposure of the ‘Slicer’ illusion I can’t keep quiet any longer.

I cannot believe that the producers think that by changing the Magicians and Presenter it will improve the show, when really the problem is not the magicians, it is the format – it’s all wrong. How on earth can you expect the magicians to look like professionals when they are surrounded by amateurs – I mean you could put a tramp in a £1000 suit and they would still smell like shit!

Giving the slicer illusion to Barry and Stuart is like drinking expensive wine from a polystyrene cup or eating fillet steak from a paper plate or even giving pigs after shave. In fact, they would have been better off if they had been given ‘Hippity Hop Rabbits’ as they would have made it far more entertaining and less chance of exposure!

For the few magicians’ in this world that have spent their hard earned money ($25,000) on the ‘Slicer illusion’ I think they have every right to get ‘Pissed off!’ I had a friend visit here yesterday and he gave his explanation of how he thought the illusion worked – my stomach turned as I listened to his explanation being 100% correct. (I didn’t let them know that they were right, but they were convinced they were).

Many years ago I performed the ‘Slicer’ illusion in my TV show and yes, the blades were quite tricky to remove however, given the correct rehearsal time with the appropriate people it becomes a breeze. Which brings me to my next gripe: How does anybody expect a lay person to learn something in a few hours, which has taken the magician a lifetime to perfect their craft? I mean, you wouldn’t expect David Hay to teach a magician to be a world champion boxer in one afternoon.

Come on guys, give yourself credit – don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea using celebrities to assist you as they can enhance your performance and endorse your credibility, but remember you are the important one – staying in control will make you look like the star, and so you should. You have to believe that the product you are selling is worthy of being displayed in a beautiful cabinet in Harrods, otherwise it will end up in the middle of a field on a decorating table in a car boot sale!

When people speak of Derren Brown and David Blaine it makes me feel so proud to be a magician, but when shows like ‘The Magicians’ are mentioned I feel quite embarrassed.

Magic performed well is one of the best forms of entertainment however, when performed badly it is one of the worst!

Wayne Dobson

PS Whoever is reading this, please give me a ‘High-Five’ however if it happens to be Paul Daniels just give me a ‘Four and a Half’

What a manic couple of months it has been! Firstly I went to the Texas Association Of Magicians convention in San Antonio. Apart from it being 110° I had a great time. I spent a lot of time with Daniel Garcia, who is one of the best magicians I have ever seen. He is Cool, Looks Great and his Magic is so natural and you can tell he has a genuine passion – Just Brilliant! He is the organiser president of next year’s TAOM in Houston so you know it’s going to be an excellent convention! I then went to Magic in the Rockies in Denver – only a small convention, but what it lacks in quantity. It certainly makes up for in Quality! What a superb convention. John Archer was headlining the gala show and was absolutely superb! His ‘ Just Chance’ routine is just the best! I know there has been a bit of ‘ Sour Grapes’ regarding this routine on various magic forums. Most of this ‘ Badmouthing’ has been pointed at John’s excellent ‘ Play on Words’ (People claiming this is their idea) – Absolute Rubbish! I was using this same play on words quite a few years ago, and I ‘Nicked It’ from another comedian who I know was not the originator either. John has taken this idea to a whole new level and it won’t be long before someone is stealing it from John?

I then went to the Palladium to see one of the best Magic Shows I have ever seen – congratulations to Paul Stone for producing such an excellent show!

I then went to The British Ring Convention in Southport – it was very quiet and was such a shame as last year in Eastbourne was excellent! Next year Great Yarmouth – I don’t know what is Great about Yarmouth?


Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

When this show was first transmitted I really liked it! I still do, and I will still stand by my prediction that Dynamo will be a household name within 12 months – he is the complete package! However, the use of stooges is so overused on every episode that it is beginning to wear a bit thin on the ground. I mean every show is about 90% preset. For instance, when Dynamo walked through the plate glass window of a shop I think everybody that was present would have seen the method? To me that is just blatant exposure. Also, when he was in the jewellers and apparently pushed his hand through the glass display case to get the freely? Chosen item – surely there must have been many lay people see somebody moving the glass panel backwards and forwards?

I’m sure there are plenty of magicians now saying Wayne Dobson OBE (Old Bitter Entertainer)? I’m really not, I just feel that there is so much good magic available on the market and in books and DVDs. I just can’t see the point of having to rely (all of the time) on this type of technique? I mean magician’s will go to great lengths to expose a Psychic/Medium/Spiritualist for being fake! I don’t think it will be too long before one of them decides to get their own back?

Magicians like David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Doug Henning and Harry Blackstone could only be exposed by somebody who has magical knowledge, hence the reason they were never exposed, because 99% of magicians don’t like prostituting magic and revealing their secrets. But when the lay public can see the exact method used it just makes a mockery out of our passion. All the years that we strive to get as near to perfection as possible, seems a complete waste of time!


July 2011

Somebody once said to me if you can’t say anything nice about something, don’t say anything at all! Well, I never made a comment on last weeks (number four), Penn and Teller show as I felt the standard had really dropped? However, this week it seemed to come back with a vengeance. Nick Einhorn, Cubic Act and Michael Vincent were all superb. I can’t even begin to work out how Nick Einhorn did his trick – it was a real ‘ Brain Fry’, it must be genuine mind reading? Michael Vincent was as smooth as silk and Cubic Act made use of a principal I first saw Andre Kole perform in his ‘ No Feet’ illusion. Cubic Act’s use of this principle was extremely deceptive.

Prediction: Within the next 12 months ‘ Dynamo’ will be a household name!

See you next week.


July 2011

Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

I really enjoyed it! He looks good and gets on with it. I know some magicians have been moaning about the use of stooges, however, if it makes good television – then why not?

It’s just taking advantage of a situation that is available, I mean it’s only like using ‘ Lapping’ – you take advantage of using this technique when the situation allows you to. Using camera angles to your advantage is another technique that many magicians employ. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion. In today’s very contemporary market. I think an ordinary magician doing ordinary magic might be good for us to watch? But it would make extremely bland television!

Whatever type of magic is on television, it is good for magicians in general. The public awareness will only increase your bookings – so stop complaining!

Congratulation’s to all concerned.


July 2011

Last night was the third show in the new series of Penn and Teller. Although a good show, I personally felt that the show in general was quite weak in content in comparison to the first two shows. However, the Miser’s Dream that Teller performed was quite superb.

I can understand somebody who wants to portray a character, but surely you must keep in character all the way through? So what was the point of wearing a stupid Dragon costume and just being a pretty ordinary guy who does a card trick? Maybe it’s me? I just didn’t get it!

Ah well, I suppose some shows are bound to be better than others and I will really look forward to the next instalment.


June 2011

Magic is back where it belongs, on prime-time television. The second, Penn and Teller fool us was aired on Saturday evening, and it was excellent! Every act is showcased and edited superbly. This is so good for Magic. And then for an added bonus we get treated to Penn and Teller demonstrating why they are world-class performers!

Now for the negative? Why are so many magicians spending their time on magic forums and Facebook complaining, moaning, nitpicking and bitching about certain performers? I even read one comment that said that they couldn’t understand why people like Ben Earl, and Daniel Madison perform their set without much patter? Well, they don’t really need it as the superb magic that they perform speaks for itself and too much patter would distract. I mean, you wouldn’t expect Michael Jackson in the middle of his song Billie Jean to start doing card manipulation, or Lee Evans to interrupt the middle of his Stand-Up with The Snow Storm in China? You know what really saddens me about the last sentence that I wrote, is that I bet there is at least one magician saying “That’s not a bad idea.” They just don’t get it!

Looking forward to next week!


Last night was the first in the new series of ‘ Pen and Teller Fool Us’ and it looks like magic is back on prime-time television – At Last! A very fast-moving show with great hosts and a great format. Graham Jolly proved what I have been saying for a long time and that is “if you like the performer, you will like whatever they do. And if they do good magic – it’s a bonus!”

Well, I loved Graham Jolly and he did good magic. What is even more fantastic is that he fried Pen, and Teller with a self working published card trick. I am sure a lot of magicians feel that because there is no sleight of hand, there is no skill? Well, I think that is totally wrong because you need all your presentational skills to perform this kind of trick, and Graham Jolly had more than enough and you could tell he is an extremely experienced performer – Well Done Graham!

Looking forward to the next one.


Magic is really happening on TV just lately. David Pen did a really nice couple of spots on Britain’s Got Talent, and at last seems to have changed the minds of various judges about their negative opinion on magicians – Well Done! Also I went to see a recording of the new Penn and Teller TV series, which was really good and reports tell me that the other shows in the series were just as good! This is really great for magic and magicians!

I just returned from Malta where I gave a lecture to the local magician’s and what a enthusiastic bunch they are. Only 12 of them but each one very passionate about their art.

In September I will be going to the Texas Association of Magicians convention in San Antonio, where I will be presenting my new lecture ‘ Look No Hands’ and then straight from San Antonio to Denver, where I will be also lecturing at Magic In the Rockies. Back to the UK for the British ring convention in Southport and somewhere in between all those dates. I will be going to the ‘ Magic at the Palladium’ on Monday, 19 September which incidentally looks like being a fantastic show!

Quite a few new items recently: my new book ‘ Look No Hands’ is selling extremely well and looks like I will have to have a reprint. My other new book ‘ Six Masterpieces’ has only just been released so hopefully that will be as popular? I have three new effects to tell you about: Triplex is a self-contained, easy to do prediction that comes complete with nicely made interesting. Another effect that is proving very popular is my trick Personal FX – A Great Trick for the workers and really nice way of giving out your business card. The last effect is Devastation which is a vast improvement on my original trick as it now uses a regular deck of cards, no sleight of hand, yet a thought of card appears in your wallet. See the video demonstration of this – it looks impossible.

That’s it for now and no doubt I will see many of you at Southport in September!


Aren’t we lucky? Three magic shows in one week!

Firstly let me talk about the Penn and Teller show. This was so good for magic. The magicians, the tricks, the routines, the structure of the show, the presenter, and Penn and Teller were all excellent! I even found the ‘Critique’ section of the show quite entertaining. I know some of you will not be in favour of Penn and Teller exposing some of the tricks, but all of their remarks were very esoteric and you had to be a magician to understand what they were talking about. For the layman, I would imagine that these esoteric remarks would be very intriguing and entertaining. The only thing I didn’t agree with was when Penn and Teller accused Benjamin Earl of false shuffling the deck. Not that I know how he accomplished this incredible effect, and I don’t want to, and I know Penn and Teller had no idea either, it’s just that they didn’t want to admit to having no idea! Also, they said they felt that Ben’s style and presentation was arrogant! Well I am sorry but that comment was so unnecessary as Ben’s style and presentation is totally the opposite to arrogant, in fact, one of his qualities as a performer is that he is so understated and ‘Cool’. I think Penn and Teller were being controversial just for controversies sake? But apart from that, what a great show!

Secondly Derren Brown’s ‘Enigma’ was absolutely stunning! I saw this show live in the West End and it was excellent then, and I thought it couldn’t get any better? I was wrong! Everything about this show was world class!

Finally, you’d think I would save the best till last? Well, you’re wrong! The Magicians on BBC1, New Year’s Day in a word was ‘Shit’! I really don’t understand how these magician’s (and one of them is a very good and well-established performer) want to be associated with this utter garbage? These ‘Z’ list celebrities are only doing it to try and raise their own profile, however they do take over and make the magicians blend into the background like wallpaper. It’s shows like this that make you feel ashamed to be a magician!

It’s Derren Brown night tonight on TV. Channel 4 are broadcasting his TV specials and a documentary about his life. How good is that? What is not so good is that we have to suffer another ‘The Magicians’ (a good friend of mine saw the recording of the third show in the series, and apparently this was worse than the first! Surely not?) I know what you’re saying? We don’t have to watch it! You’re right we don’t………. But I bet we do?

See you in Blackpool.


Hi there,

It’s Been Manic! What with the SAM convention in Atlanta followed by a trip to Spain and then to the Texas Association of Magicians convention in Austin and then straight to Denver for Magic in the Rockies, which was a really enjoyable bash!

The British ring convention in Eastbourne was a really nice event, lots of socializing and lots of good magic, in fact whilst I was there I had the privilege of witnessing Benjamin Earl, OMG this has to be one of the best Card Magicians I have ever seen! It is just poetry in motion! You have just got to see him, he’s brilliant!

I’ve been very busy with my new production service; I didn’t realize that there were so many magicians who are so passionate about their work? Is very self satisfying when you know that you have helped somebody to improve.

New stuff: A few new effects are featured on the website; however I will have lots of new products in the coming months, so please watch this space.

My next convention is the International Day in London, which is always a very enjoyable event. I will be taking a few new items with me so please stop by the stand and I will be glad to show you.

I am writing a new book at the moment which will be titled ‘ Look no Hands’. I am really thrilled with the contents, it is all stuff that is totally ‘Hands – Off’ and there is some really good material in it. Even though I say it myself there is a great version of ‘Out of This World’. This book will be released for the Blackpool convention along with a few other new products.

Hope to see you around soon


Hi there,

I have just returned from the SAM convention in Atlanta and to be perfectly honest, as a dealer it was one of the worst conventions I have ever attended. The dealer room was dark, freezing cold and about the size of a small football pitch with about 20 dealers and there was more atmosphere on the moon. The attendance in the past has been about 700, but this time was only 300, and there was never any time for the dealers as there was always something else going on. I don’t know about you, but whenever I used to attend conventions as a spectator, the dealers where always the highlight for me. It seems that at some of these conventions the dealers are treated as an afterthought? It is only a matter of time before the quality dealers pick and choose the events to attend! We need to be treated with the respect that we deserve. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m complaining but, I am!

In September I will be dealing at the TAOM in Austin Texas followed by Magic in the Rockies in Denver, which is an excellent convention. As soon as I return the IBM in Eastbourne will be upon us. I am looking forward to the IBM as I am doing my new lecture with Michael J. Fitch.

I have quite a few new products at the moment. My new DVD set, ‘A Life in Magic’ is selling extremely well; Russ Stevens has made an excellent job of them. I have a couple of new tricks being released for the conventions, so if you see me around please ask me to show you.

The weather is glorious today, so I’m going outside to make the most of what might be our summer?

See you around.


March already, Blackpool Convention has been and gone, however, as always I had a great time and Blackpool Magicians presented me with ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award’. I was extremely flattered that my own peers had recognised my services to Magic, but to be honest none of it has been an effort, as Magic has always been my passion!

Also whilst at Blackpool Convention I, along with Michael J Fitch presented my new Lecture ‘Choice Cuts’ which seemed to be very well received. Michael has done such a good job putting the whole thing together and spent countless hours compiling lots of my old TV footage.

What’s new! My book, ‘Special Effects’ which I honestly believe is my best yet, it’s full of practical, easy to do, commercial magic, even though I say so myself. ‘Split Personality’ is another little gem that I know you ‘Workers’ will love. I’ve had so many inquiries about the close up version of ‘The Blue Phantom’ that I performed on my close up T.V special, people asking where can they get one? Well, they couldn’t! Until now, when my good friend Andy Hurst has made just a few and they are absolutely stunning, in fact they are better than the original one that I used! The craftsmanship is just perfection; please watch this space as they will be available very soon.

I am sorry to end on a sad note but I have to mention the passing of my dear and long time friend Patrick Page, he was one of the best magicians that I ever knew, I will really miss him!


FISM, Blackpool 2012, Brilliant!!! Then why are certain magicians anti Blackpool? The Blackpool Convention organisers have proved that they can host what is the biggest and best value for money magic convention in the world.

What with Terrorism, War, and Economic Crisis being a major concern for most, I just cannot understand why these pathetic individuals continue to make this issue their priority?

In the press a well known magician (who should know better) was very disrespectful about the convention, the organisers, the town, and even the people of Blackpool. What this person fails to remember is that during the height of their ‘fame’ the people of Blackpool and Blackpool town gave them a very lucrative living for many a summer season.

All I can say is that 3000 magicians can’t be wrong!


Long time no speak, sincere apologies, it’s just that there has not been a great deal to report. I have just returned from ‘Magic In The Rockies’ in Colorado where I had a fantastic time, both lecturing and performing in the Gala show. It was a small convention of extremely high quality.

I have quite a few new items that you can see at the upcoming IBM convention in Southport.

If you get the chance to see Derren Brown’s latest live show, don’t miss it, I saw it in the West End, it was Just Brilliant.

Congratulations to Blackpool Magicians Club on getting the vote to host FISM 2012. My prediction is that this will be a convention to beat all conventions.

See you around,


What a hectic summer it has been, however I’m not complaining! First of all we went to the combined SAM/IBM convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where we had a fantastic time. I was lecturing and appearing in the Gala show which seemed to be well received? It was a great convention that was organised extremely well. No sooner we were back from the USA we were off to Eastbourne for the British Ring Convention. Whilst in Eastbourne Norm Neilson presented me with a beautiful canvas poster of myself (above), I was so flattered by this. These are a limited edition of which Norm does have a few for sale: www.nnmagic.com

What’s new? I have a nice commercial effect called Flick, which is due to be released in a couple of weeks. Also due for release is a much improved version of Metamorphosis. Check out the Mini Smash and Stab and the Chinese Sticks, they are both so well made.

Well that’s it for now, I have a few lectures to do this autumn, so I will no doubt see a few of you around.


Wayne Dobson

Just back from sunny? Blackpool, where I had a great time, especially performing in the: ‘Audience with Wayne Dobson and Geoffrey Durham’. Terry Seabrooke interviewed me and Geoffrey and he certainly knows how to bring the best (or worst) out of me. I absolutely loved it!

I have just managed to get my hands on a few (and I mean a few) more (I sold out at Blackpool) ‘Cardini’ books. This book is superbly written by John Fisher and produced by ‘The Miracle Factory’. Also there are a few of the new Houdini two volume set, which comes in its own slipcase. Both the Cardini and the Houdini are gorgeous publications! Hurry, they won’t last long!

I’ve got a special deal on my DVD’s (TV1 has sold out). If you buy TV2 and TV3 together, I will give free of charge ‘Unclamped’. ‘Unclamped’ on its own costs £25! A massive saving.

‘Echo’ and ‘Second Chance’ are new booklets that have both received favourable reviews in all the major magic magazines. I’ve also got some of the new Mel Mellors DVD, superb!

I just got hold of a few of Masuda’s WOW. This is a brilliant effect!

That’s it for now and I look forward to seeing you at The Bristol Day of Magic in May.

Wayne Dobson

Just completed a short lecture tour which was very enjoyable and always nice to see old friends and make some new ones. I persuaded Julian to show a couple of things, it was nerve wracking for him but he soon started performing with extreme finesse. Well done Julian! No Jonathan you are not getting away with it, you’re next? Ask him to show you ‘Torn’ at Blackpool, he does it so well!
I have just been booked to appear on the gala show at the IBM/SAM convention in Kentucky 2008. I am so thrilled to be going as I know it’s going to be a brilliant convention.

What’s new?

Rainbow is a trick that I marketed a few years ago and it was a great seller, but Rainbow Decks were very expensive. However now USPCC manufacture so many different decks I am able to sell this trick at a fraction of the cost.

STARTLING is a very intriguing and different effect.

Old Moore’s Diary is Pat Page’s take on a classic effect. I cannot praise this trick enough, it’s just brilliant!

WOW & Wellington Switchboard have both sold out, however I am expecting more.

That’s all for now, so until next time here’s wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Wayne Dobson

Just back from the USA (That is, The Uther Side of Amsterdam)! No really, I was in Las Vegas where I was performing at the LVMI convention, and what a nice convention it was, only small, but very intimate and a great standard of performers. We also saw some great shows whilst there, Lance Burton, Mac King, World’s Greatest Magic and Penn and Teller.

Next was Dallas for the SAM convention and whilst there I celebrated my 50th birthday, (I know what you are saying, ‘He doesn’t look a day over 49 and three quarters’) and The Magic Circle very kindly gave me a bottle of bubbly and an enormous Birthday Card that was signed by just about everybody who attended the convention, I was very touched!

Back home for the good old British summer, (I think it falls on a Tuesday this year?)

What’s new?

Miracle Chip by Mark Mason featuring my trick ‘Unique Prediction’. This is a great utility gimmick that is made with beautiful precision and it comes complete with a matching regular half dollar and poker chip a DVD and some mind blowing routines. This is to be released in September.

Cash Flow is a new trick that is based on an effect called X-Change from my book WD40, however this now only uses one signed coin and a beautifully made brass box just large enough to hold the borrowed coin which very magically vanishes from your hand to the spectators.. This trick uses no sleight of hand and instantly resets.

WOW by Masuda

I have a few WOW by Masuda £33. If you saw this effect on TV, you would swear it was trick photography – It’s brilliant! Please email me for details.

 Wellington Mini-Magic Switchboard

I also have a couple of the Wellington Mini Switchboard. This is a real Brain Teaser! £245 Please email me for details.

The IBM convention in Southport is fast approaching, where a brilliant line up of talent (Thanks to Paul Stone) is scheduled to appear! If you are going, please stop by DTRIK and say ‘Hi’.

See you around.

Wayne Dobson

I have finally released my autobiography along with 40 tricks and called it WD40 (Thank you Mark Mason for the title). This book has been a tremendous success and Magicseen have made a superb job of the publication. After being sold out for almost two years, I have managed to get hold of a few copies of my DVD, TV STUFF 1.
I am just getting prepared for my trip to Las Vegas where I will be appearing at the LVMI, and as soon as we return we fly to Texas (Just next to B&Q) for the S.A.M convention.

Julian at present is travelling around Italy. He has a pack of cards with him, so no doubt he will be ‘Blagging’ a free drink out of some unsuspecting Italian. Jonathan has invested in Mark Mason’s great trick ‘Come Fly with Me’, so I am sure in the next few months I will be witnessing this effect on more than one occasion?

BTW I have just had the pleasure of seeing Mathew J Dowden perform some brilliant magic, all of which he explains on his DVD ‘Party Animal’ which is available from www.alakazam.co.uk. Honestly Mathew must be one of magic’s best kept secrets. Do your self a big favour and try and witness this guy’s work, you will not be disappointed!

See you around.

Wayne Dobson

Wow what a year it has been, in fact if 2007 is only half as good as 2006 then that means that 2006 was twice as good as 2007, obviously!!!!!!!

We have now moved house and finally settled into our new abode.

Blackpool Convention is almost upon us, and it looks like being another blockbuster. The line up of talent looks terrific, as always.

I have some great new items this year, so please call by my stand to see them. Lucky Dip, SWOP, Money Box, Birthday Card and Geometricks.

My new book WD40 is being released at Blackpool. It consists of forty tricks which are a compilation of my three Dobson’s Choice books, plus ten new effects. There is a bonus section which consists of my autobiography ‘Starstruck’, which is of an adult nature, because the truth just happens to contain a few ‘Choice’ words. Nothing you haven’t heard before.

I also have a few posters called ‘Magic Stars’, which are produced on canvas by Norm Neilson and are absolutely stunning! I only have a few left so if you want one, don’t hang around.

The best trick I have seen this year is my new wheelchair. It stands me up, lays me down, and it has a fifteen mile battery life. Not quite enough to go to Blackpool, but I’ll get there somehow.

Wayne Dobson