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  • Startling 2.0


    Do you want to see something Startling?

    You show the word Startling using scrabble like tiles.  A card is chosen from a regular deck of cards and you then proceed to explain that the word Startling is the only word in the english language where you can remove one letter at a time and make a new word.

    You proceed to to demonstrate your claim by discarding one tile at a time.

  • EyePad Mini

    After it’s phenomenal success, most who bought EyePad asked Wayne and Mike if there would be a close-up version.  Well “Dobbo has done it again”
    Introducing: EyePad Mini!
    You ask a spectator to just think of any playing card.  You explain, to find out what the card they are thinking of is, you need to use your EyePad Mini.