Flash Coins by Wayne Dobson
20th July 2020
Anniversary Tango by Wayne Dobson
21st July 2020
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Stunning by Wayne Dobson


A superb take on the Triumph premise by Wayne, with a kicker from Jerry Sadowitz that packs a punch!

Stunning by Wayne Dobson

A 3D Production

Stunning by Wayne Dobson

A deck of cards are introduced, the performer cuts the deck in half spreading half face down to themselves and the other half face up to the spectator.

The spectator choses a card

The performer takes the choose card and puts it face up on their facedown half and proceeds to mix the cards, both their’s and the spectators al la triumph style, but with the Wayne Dobson touch.

The cards are then shown face and face down. A click of the fingers and the cards are all face down except the spectators chosen card.

Then comes the kicker!… Watch the trailer to find out.