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17th April 2017
2nd September 2017
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Mini Smash & Stab (Limited Edition) by Wayne Dobson


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In this limited edition version of the original mini smash and stab, Mike Sullivan and Andy Hurst as added a subtle edge that makes this trick have a motivation that will increase the tricks reasoning for a performer to hurtle his hand at lighting speed towards an upside down cup that may hide a sharpe bullet.

No longer will you have to “justify” why!

Ripped off by many, this is the only certified version from the original creator.

This limited edition set comes complete with a bullet damaged old english penny, the rest, as they say is history!  That is the motivation.

With full instructions, that provided are followed, will make this the best and safety way to perform this classic trick.

**Seriously limited supply**

Please Note : DTrik, Wayne Dobson (The Originator), Mike Sullivan and (the manufacturer) cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused whilst using this apparatus.