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18th February 2019
Write, Not Right by Wayne Dobson
20th September 2019
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The Lucky Card Deluxe by Wayne Dobson


Lucky Card Deluxe by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

Lucky Card is Wayne’s go to signature effect.

Just imagine the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your “Lucky Card”. The spectator then checks the cards and sees they are throughly mixed. You then ask the spectator to count down to their “Lucky Card”.

On the turn of the last card, you tell the spectator that this is their “Lucky Card”… You ask them to turn over your “Lucky Card” and they match!

This is as good as it gets and as had critical acclaim from magicians all over the world!

Richard Young of The Magician’s Podcast said it was his recommended trick of the 2019 season.  Check out what he said about Lucky Card!

Wayne has always carried his “Lucky Card” in a bespoke holder.  Made of high quality black and clear plastic so the spectator can see Wayne’s “Lucy Card” at all times.  Magnets sandwich the “Lucky Card” between the two layers, making easy for the spectator to open at the crucial time.  YES, the spectator opens the holder..

For the first time, this gorgeous “Lucy Card” holder is available to you.  A talking point for your shelf at home and for carrying your “Lucky Card” around in.

If you don’t know or don’t have Lucky Card, then you are in for a treat.  The holder comes FREE with a full performance and explanation filmed at Alakazam studios with Dave Loosley.  With no prior knowledge on how the trick works, Dave asks all the questions that most of you would ask and for the first time, giving a real one to one feel to this instructional digital video.

So whether you have Lucky Card, or are new to this phenomenal trick, we at DTrik : The Magic of Wayne Dobson have you covered.

  • No force
  • Regular deck of cards (that can be borrowed)
  • Can be performed completely “Hands Off” – The performer never touches the cards!

The perfect accompaniment to a fantastic piece of magic!

Lucky Card : Performance