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1st February 2019
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1st February 2019
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Fifty Fifty by Wayne Dobson


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Fifty Fifty by Wayne Dobson with routine by Nicholas Einhorn

Fifty Fifty is a killer two coin routine.  A coin purse is given to the spectator with two coins in it.  An old english penny and a half dollar.

The performer has a prediction on a business card this can be left on the table, sticking out of the performer’s pocket etc. but no peeking as that’s for later.

The spectator is asked to keep any coin in their closed hand and place the other in the purse.  The performer’s back is turned while the spectator makes their choice.

The coin purse is handed back to the performer and immediately tells the spectator what coin they hold.  This can be repeated time and time again. (two or three times is enough though)

The performer than places the two coins into the purse and asks the spectator to put the purse behind their back and remove just one of the coins.  Remember the prediction?

After a successful prediction the spectator places the coin again behind their back and remove the other coin from the purse, keeping both coins in one hand they hand you back the purse.

Now you ask them to place a coin in each hand behind their back and switch them back and forth, so neither the performer or the spectator knows where the penny or half dollar is.

The performer asks the spectator to bring both hands out still closed and the performer will correctly predict which hand has the half dollar in.

The performer chooses a hand and the spectator opens it.  The performer is wrong!  It’s the penny.

The performer points to the other hand and says “it must be in that one then”

The spectator opens their hand, but hold on, it’s the penny.  The spectator looks in their other hand again, but this time its the half dollar!

If you ever wanted to do a coin routine that is killer, this is the one!

Nicholas Einhorn has taken a devise method from Wayne and added his special touch to bring a routine that is both magical and entertaining.

A TRUE worker!

Supplied with everything you need, including a tailor made JOL Coin Purse from Dave Bonsall and PropDog.