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3rd January 2018
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26th January 2018
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EyePad Mini

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Eyepad Mini by Wayne Dobson

**A massive hit at Blackpool 2018**

After it’s phenomenal success, most who bought EyePad asked Wayne and Mike if there would be a close-up version.  Well “Dobbo has done it again”
Introducing: EyePad Mini
You ask a spectator to just think of any playing card.  You explain, to find out what the card they are thinking of is, you need to use your EyePad Mini.
What follows is a quick routine with a comedy of errors while using your EyePad Mini to determine what the card is.
You spread the deck (face down) and show a different coloured back card, saying to the spectator that this would be a great trick if this was “Your Card”
They agree and groan when you show that the back of the card does, in fact, say “Your Card”
Just when they think it’s all over and perhaps a complete waste of time, you ask what the card is they are thinking of and BOOM!
You turn the card over and indeed it is the card they were thinking of…
Bonus effect using an invisible deck by Peter Nardi
Unique points to remember :
No forcing
The spectator is never asked the card until the end
Props and gimmick supplied, only a regular deck of cards is required
Great for all close-up magicians
Wayne has always come up with solid workable magic, and EyePad Mini is no exception. I will defiantly be adding this to my working repertoire – Gary Jones
This really shouldn’t have fooled me… but it did! Genius thinking, great effect and awesome comedy. Basically a workers dream. – Steve Dela