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Clever Deck (reshuffled) by Wayne Dobson


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Clever Deck (reshuffled) by Wayne Dobson

(Vanishing Bandana on steroids)

“there are lots of ways to learn magic either via books or DVDs. However, somebody in New Zealand has started selling audiobooks – now, although New Zealand speak the same language as ours they do pronounce certain words differently? For example, a collective word for cards is a pack, but in New Zealand they say a deck of cards and when they say deck it doesn’t sound like deck it sound more like? Anyway, I’ll let you listen to this trick I have been learning!”

Press play to hear a preview….

Yes it’s back and better then before…..

A sensation at Blackpool 2014, the original Clever Deck sold out within an hour!

However, here at DTrik, Wayne took the original concept and made it even better, more entertaining and the comedy is second to none.

A whole new voice-over stunningly recorded in a professional studio with a professional voice-over artist.

A whole new handling and routine but with the classic gags still intact.

The whole routine ready to go on CD, but wait there is more :

  • The routine is also encoded into a MP3 file to be copied directly to your MP3 player, phone etc.
  • The lines of the routine are individually encoded into Mp3 files so you can bespoke the routine to your requirement. (with software)
  • The intro and backing music are also encoded on separate MP3 files.

Warning :  You may be tempted to copy this fantastic routine for your friends, but please don’t!  Each CD includes full performance rights which allows the owner to perform this routine in the following situations:

  • On Stage
  • Television
  • In the bar
  • In fact anywhere there is an audio facility!

**Adults Only**

**Please Note : An instructional PDF will be available to download once you complete your order**