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A.F.W. by Wayne Dobson


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A.F.W. by Wayne Dobson 

One Wallet

A complete close-up set contained in one wallet.

5 killer effects from the fertile mind of Wayne Dobson contained in an exquisite wallet, made with the highest quality.


Heads Up – A mentalist’s take on the classic game!

Mental All Backs – A spectator is shown a deck of cards which has been printed with only a back design on both sides.  The spectator thinks of any card.  The deck magically prints into a normal deck, however one card is missing.  The spectator’s card is found in the wallet!

Missing Think – A packet of cards are shown to the spectator and a card is chosen, the card is then mixed back into the packet and the magician chooses a card…  They match…  The card is then put back into the packet and mixed by the spectator.  The spectator deals the cards face up and the chosen card has disappeared.  Only to be found in the magician’s wallet!

Money Warp – A bank note is borrowed and signed by the spectator.  A business card is introduced and examined.  The note is placed into the business card and magically wiped clean.  The magician opens the wallet to get another bank note, only to find it’s the spectator’s signed bank note!

Personal FX – An updated version of a Wayne Dobson Classic!

  • 5 Killer Effects to perform (Wallet Only Supplied)
  • Unique System to gain Information Instantly!
  • No Impression Device!
  • No Chemicals!
  • No Electronics!

Just One Wallet – A.F.W. by Wayne Dobson

SUC principle used with kind permission by Mark Strivings.