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A, B, C. By Wayne Dobson


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Due to amazing popularity of this effect, we are now sold out!  Yes our first batch of this amazing effect is gone!

A, B, C. by Wayne Dobson

ABC stands for American, British Chinese : The only 3 coins you will need to perform great coin magic!


  • All the magic happens in the spectators hand
  • 4 solid “worker” routines
  • Supplied with American 1/2 dollar, British old english penny and a Chinese coin.

Routines :

Easy as 1,2,3

Coin to impossible location.  The 3 coins are placed in the spectator’s hand.  The spectator choses a coin (via an amazing new force by Wayne).  Instantly the coin is vanished by the magician to appear in an impossible location.

Unique Prediction

This is a routine based on Wayne’s popular effect Triplex, but with coins.  Explanation includes both a parlour and strolling version.

Mental Thief

A routine by Mike Sullivan.  Allowing the magician to perform a stunningly visual pickpocket routine without any prior pickpocket skills.

Bonus Routine : Snatch

A fast and very visual routine by Wayne and Mike in which the magician demonstrates lightning reflexes.

  • All the routines are virtually self-working
  • Precision engineered gimmick does all the work
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Online tutorials which will be updated and added to!

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