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  • Economicon by Al Smith


    Two spectators are given a book each. They can fully examine them, read some passages if they wish and confirm they appear to be ordinary paperback books. A third spectator is asked to call out any page number (there are 125 pages in each book). The spectators turn to the freely selected page and note the first word.

  • The Call by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne has done it again…  Taking an idea he has played with for sometime, The Call is a fantastic piece of mentalism.

  • UTD – The Ultimate Tossed Deck by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne Dobson’s UTD is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/mind reader.

    Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘UTD’

  • Take a Seat by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    ‘Chair Test’ Meets ‘Pseudo Psychometry’

    Wayne turns his attention to the modern classic of stage mentalism, ‘The Chair Test’, with predictably powerful results. For good measure he has provided a close-up version to further extend the practicality of your purchase.


  • Odds On by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne and DTrik are super excited to be involved in this project by Alan Wong.

    A himber wallet that locks in place allowing the performer to hand it out and have the spectator open it!

  • Unclamped Live in London by Wayne Dobson


    Join your host Wayne Dobson Live at The Magic Circle, London in this unique DVD presentation. For the first time on video Wayne explains in detail, the secrets behind his favourite routines.

    In between the routines listen to one of magic’s funniest storytellers, as Wayne takes you on a journey through his life in magic and showbusiness… but be prepared as he pulls no punches. This DVD is not for the fainthearted!

  • Mini Smash & Stab (Limited Edition) by Wayne Dobson


    Please Note : DTrik, Wayne Dobson (The Originator), Mike Sullivan and (the manufacturer) cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused whilst using this apparatus.

  • Early Dobson Vol. 1 by Wayne Dobson


    Early Dobson Vol. 1. Wayne Dobson is proud to present this rediscovered archive TV performance footage of some of his Best close up material, performed in his classic style in front of a live studio audience and on various TV show guest appearances.