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  • *NEW* Heads Up 2.0 by Wayne Dobson


    This is one of those effects whose methodology is as good as the trick itself – it will tickle you pink every time you perform it.

    It’s not entirely new territory for the Dobbmeister – he produced a wallet in conjunction with Alan Wong that contained the wherewithal to do this effect, and Heads Up was one of the routines supplied with his AFW wallet.

  • Tricolor Dice by Wayne Dobson


    Tricolor Dice is a fine five minute close up routine by Wayne Dobson features three small dice boxes and three colored dice that gives you a three- phase mindreading act under increasingly impossible conditions with a strong finish.

  • Fifty Shades of Gold by Wayne Dobson


    From a star studded career on the biggest stages. Royal command performances and years in TV, Wayne Dobson finally reveals his top 50 golden rules of stagecraft.

    Learn how to transform your performance with tried and tested advice and tips from the master.

    This booklet can be carried with you everywhere. There is even a note section for you to make those all important notes.

  • TripleX v2 by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne revisits a routine he put on the market in 2011, a version of the Three Object Test, in which three objects are lined up on the table, one is freely selected, whereupon you show your prediction (in full view throughout) is correct.

    Seated at the table the performer invites a spectator to sit opposite him and assist in a straight-forward process. On the table in a row is a poker chip, a ball from a roulette wheel and a single die. Behind this row is a card case stood on its edge. All potent symbols of gambling in a casino.

  • Write, Not Right by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne has turned his attention to mentalism.  Developing a brilliant yet simple utility device for the working mentalist

    It’s a Sharpie that writes.  Then when the mentalist/magician decides, doesn’t write.


    It’s a Sharpie that doesn’t write.  Then when the mentalist/magician decides, does write.

    You decide!

  • The Black Box by Wayne Dobson


    Switching a deck has never been so easy!  Made from high quality plastic by Alan Wong. This box looks like the type of box you would keep a couple of decks of cards in.

    The Black Box comes with three killer routines from Wayne however this utility will allow you to perform killer card magic.

    The best switch never seen!

  • ONE by Wayne Dobson


    ONE by Wayne Dobson


    • ONE deck !
    • ONE prediciton !
    • ONE outcome !
  • A.F.W. by Wayne Dobson


    One Wallet

    A complete close-up set contained in one wallet.

    5 killer effects from the fertile mind of Wayne Dobson contained in an exquisite wallet, made with the highest quality.

  • Metamorphosis XL


    This is Metamorphosis XL by Wayne Dobson

    Close up magic at it’s best!

    Completely examinable at the start and finish of the routine.

    Comes with a business card wallet