Flat Trick (Letter)

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  • Triple Exposure By Wayne Dobson


    Triple Exposure offers three commercial, funny routines relying upon a clever Dobbo variation on his mentor Roy Johnson’s switch frame, that Roy designed specifically for Vic Pinto’s wonderful Society of International Magicians routine that was all the rage in the mid-1970’s.

  • The Call by Wayne Dobson


    Wayne has done it again…  Taking an idea he has played with for sometime, The Call is a fantastic piece of mentalism.

  • Houdini’s Card Trick by Wayne Dobson


    Suited for online shows via Zoom, FaceBook Live and any other Live media platform.

    What was Houdini’s Card Trick?

    Legend as it, that Houdini was a competent card magician before becoming the famous escapologist… <Read More>

  • TLC by Wayne Dobson


    TLC is mental epic in your pocket or any wallet with erasable liquid chalk on durable and reusable printed black plastic cards, that everything can be examinable in the end.

    You ask the spectator to Think of something, Look at something and Choose from something while you write them down on each card before they are revealed!

  • Invisible Cocktails by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    INVISIBLE COCKTAILS is the sort of item that you can carry with you at all times, so you are always ready to perform a natural- looking, powerful routine after hours with attractive, natural props.

    It uses an ingenious principle that, for whatever reason, has seemingly been overlooked by magicians.

  • Dobbo’s Dollar by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    AT LAST! The King Of Magic gets his own coin! This is a fun item for collectors and performers alike. It’s a dollar-sized coin bearing the profile of one of the UK’s magic stars of the 20th Century – but in true Dobbo style it has built into it 10 (count ’em) magical revelations and sight gags.

  • May the FORCE be with you! by Wayne Dobson


    An beautiful elegant deceptive close up black meshed two way force bag.

    9 x 6 inches, this force bag is ideal for the strolling magician and mentalist.

    Comes complete with Wayne’s updated killer routine, Lucky Dip 2.0,
    Derren Brown’s “top go to effect…”

  • Conjuror’s Choice by Wayne Dobson


    “An unbelievable game of chance”

    Conjuror’s Choice is a magic effect like no other.  Cleverly disused as a “game” of chance that your spectator will love to play!

    The performer introduces 9 postcards of historical magicians.  He lays them out of a table he also hands a small booklet, explaining that it contains the instructions on how to play the game.

  • This, That & Nothing by Wayne Dobson

    Wayne revisits his take on the modern classic of mentalism, ‘Free Will’.

    It’s a theme Wayne has visited a number of times, but here he adds a funny finishing line to the routine.

    You show three cards, each bearing respectively the words ‘This, That and Nothing‘ on them.